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Our story begins with our CEO Don Schwenke. He was a general and roofing contractor for almost 30 years in the greater Los Angeles area. He specialized in roofing and the majority of his work was commercial.

This means a large crew which required a great deal of training as that type of work is so dangerous.

During the course of outfitting the crews with every possible safety device available he found that some things were lacking in the market. He then created two ladder safety devices for his crews. Having used these two devices for 16 years and not having a single ladder incident again, he decided to put these items on the market. In 2006 he started Safe T Climb. Inc. Nine years later the company has sold to everyone from the homeowner to the military and everyone you can think of in between.

During his presentation to the tool team at Southern California Edison he was asked if he would be willing to work on a couple of projects to create some much needed safety equipment, and he agreed. Ladder Safety Solutions Inc. was born in 2008.

Since then we have created nine other devices for safety and to increase job productivity. All of these devices are material coded and being purchased by Utility Companies and utility contractors in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

All of our tools and equipment are manufactured in the USA and we are very proud of this. Many people have tried to convince Don to manufacture over seas and he refuses to do so.

We have many new products in the works and will continue to develop tools and equipment to improve the level of safety for the lineman.

The first time the Safe T Grab device designed and manufactured by Ladder Safety Solutions was used by a lineman, it prevented an injury, or possibly saved the lineman’s life. We have this in writing from the utility company that he worked for.

We are very proud of this. Thanks for reading this. Feel free to call in if you have any questions about any of the tools we offer, or if you are in need of something that we could develop for use.